September 17, 2008

Did I mention before how much I love turquoise? The more strands the better...There is a variety of different turquoise on this piece along with a red coral wrapped heart. I think turquoise makes the red "POP".



Anna Macfarlane said...

OOH, I LOVE THIS! I'd wear a heart everyday if it looked like this!


KARA said...

yummy - I know what you mean its my birthstone and I love it

Becca said...

gorgeous! I love the coral with turquoise.

amy said...

Just checkin' out your blog!! You're the bomb!!

brooke martin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those strand combinations are so neat. love the red accent i mean 'POP'!
okay so i'll have you know that i stole my mom's necklace AGAIN for family pics on monday!! I'M OBSESSED! and i'll have you know Kristin Spuller is obsessed with her Wicked necklace and it's so stinkin cute on her. She was struttin her stuff at Cooley Park last night with it proud. so proud. LOVE HER.
Love all of your sewing projects you've got going on. holy tomolee- that darling slip cover!1?? TO DIE FOR.