August 26, 2008


I love wearing the color black. It "hides" stuff, makes me look like I have a little more color in my face, and it always goes with red shoes. My best friend always wears black and she has beautiful long black hair. I like black. I talked my hubby into painting all of my french doors (outside) black. They have been such a "safe" green color for years and I have had it. It took some coaxing, but I think it's going to happen. The weather just needs to cool down a bit and then I'll be in business!

This 3-strander of black crystals has a hand fabricated charm with a rose and dangling pearls. $265


Lori said...

Beautiful Angela. I happened to find your blog through Melissa. I have always admired your designs since I see your living models (Sophie & Tula) on Sundays. You are very talented.

brooke martin said...

That black necklace is one of my favorite ones yet. BEAUTIFUL Angela!! And I LOVE the flower one below too. What a fun pendant.
I jus thad so much fun reading about YOUR TAG. You are hilarious-positive- and so easy going. LOVE being around you!!!

brooke martin said...

angela- you have to see my latest post of ashton dressed as a transvestite- I just realized he's sporting one of your necklaces!! hahahaha.

Anna Macfarlane said...

WHOA! Check out the new digs! Love it! Where did you get this done?

Angela Henrie said... I highly recommend her!

~wendy~ said...

Your jewelry is beautiful. I am $aving up to get a necklace. My b-day is just around the corner. I love it, I am telling everybody about it. Cute Cute Cute!