July 14, 2008

Swing yer partner round and round...

I love these square dancers. They take me back to my 7th grade
P.E. class. The square dancing unit was cool, we didn't have to
dress out, just head outside to the basketball courts. All the girls would lineup across from the boys. The music would start and quickly we'd be matched up. I seemed to always get the kid with the clammy palms....ughhh. Those were the days! This necklace is a generous 16" of pearls and crystals. Everything is sterling silver.
$165 Sorry, I've been taken.


Anna Macfarlane said...

and here you are, decades later, and still with the kid with the clammy palms!

DARLING! Everything you do is art!

brooke martin said...

BEAUTIFUL. Love this. I added you to the side of my blog...i'm so glad you are up and running with this blog thing. loves.